• apocalyptic archaeology

    Apocalyptic Archaeology features works that are depictions of a ruined world. The works are meditations on the brevity of life, and reveal the awareness of passing time, erosion and decay, and the ultimate deterioration of manmade artifacts, such as architecture, interiors, and landscapes.

  • dreams and memories

    Dreams and Memories includes works that explore the intangible and inescapable realm of the psyche. The artists pose questions about the nature and meaning of recalled experiences, and about the way in which dreams and memories intersect and even morph from one level of consciousness to another.

  • voyeurs/provocateurs

    Voyeur/Provocateurs includes subversively witty scenes-satirical commentaries on art, culture, and politics. These works make the viewer into Peeping Toms that spy on secret scenes.

  • unnatural nature

    Unnatural Nature features work by artists that recreate natural environments using artificial materials and found objects which fool us into believing they are real places.view

category:  Voyeurs/Provocateurs
Third Time Around: Homage to Michelangelo Pistoletto

The Third Time Around emerged in my mind after seeing the Michelangelo Pistoletto exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and reading his treatise titled the Third Paradise.  The components are structured to mimic the shape of the symbol he created for the Third Paradise and the imagery to extrapolate upon the thoughts expressed in the treatise. The dioramas are designated: as the past, as the world of nature - the world of prehistory hominoids; and as the present, the world of artifice - the world of the historic, western global sector, Homo, sapiens sapiens. The central circle is the realm of the future. The reflective dome captures and incorporates the viewer(s) into the visage as a train of thought rotates about the horizon. An accompaniment to the three dimensional presentation is a short tale: The Tale of the Third Time Around. It commences:

Come my friends and gather round and I will tell you the tale of the Third Time Around. Once upon a time, long before there was time, a time of their lives was being had by all the beings in the garden earth. They were living at that time following the rhythm of nature‚Äôs time. It was a time when in no time at all days came and went, so did the nights, without the tick or the tock of a watch or a clock. It was in those distant times that the tale of the Homo clan journey to the Third Time Around began.



World of Nature: Upon a cylindrical text pedestal  sits a wood circle twenty inches in diameter covered with felt upon which rises a plaster of paris hill, planted with faux landscape material, littered with sticks, and populated with toy store animals.


World of Artifice: Upon a cylindrical pedestal  sits a wood circle twenty inches in diameter covered with felt upon which rests a reversed set of N scale structures surrounding a Doodle Destinations wire frame WTC model paired with die cast jetliner replicas.


World of the Future: Upon a painted wood bridge of clocks a forty inch diameter wood circle carries an O scale track set in plaster of paris ringing a thirty-two inch diameter reflective plastic dome edged in plaster of paris. The globe is a MovaGlobe, the train modified Lionel pieces while the figures were clay formed, molded, then plastic cast. The globe, the clocks, and the train are operable.