• apocalyptic archaeology

    Apocalyptic Archaeology features works that are depictions of a ruined world. The works are meditations on the brevity of life, and reveal the awareness of passing time, erosion and decay, and the ultimate deterioration of manmade artifacts, such as architecture, interiors, and landscapes.

  • dreams and memories

    Dreams and Memories includes works that explore the intangible and inescapable realm of the psyche. The artists pose questions about the nature and meaning of recalled experiences, and about the way in which dreams and memories intersect and even morph from one level of consciousness to another.

  • voyeurs/provocateurs

    Voyeur/Provocateurs includes subversively witty scenes-satirical commentaries on art, culture, and politics. These works make the viewer into Peeping Toms that spy on secret scenes.

  • unnatural nature

    Unnatural Nature features work by artists that recreate natural environments using artificial materials and found objects which fool us into believing they are real places.view

category:  Dreams and Memories
Mixed media box entitled
Bridge to Manhattan

This mixed media box contains, at the edges, fragments of a photograph of the Queensboro Bridge, which connects the Borough of Queens to the Borough of Manhattan.  This was a bridge I drove over with my parents as a child very often, when we visited my grandparents on weekends, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  The central image is a manhole cover on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, perhaps on a street we drove through to get to my grandparents' apartment.  The photographs of the Bridge are collaged onto balsa wood blocks, which are glued to the edges of the box to give the main background image more depth.   The strong wavy white lines are carved into a white clay background.


Wooden box, balsa wood blocks, photograph fragments, photograph, clay, acrylic paint, oil stick.